Men's Junior: 2nd Place

Men's Physique: 2nd Place

Men’s Junior: 4th Place
Men’s Novice: 4th place

2011 OCB NY State Natural

Personal Training History

Hedgesville High School Class of 2010

West Virginia University Class of 2014 Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology.

AFAA Personal Training Certification 2011- Present



Men’s Junior: 1st place


Men’s Novice LW: 1st place
Men’s Open: 2nd place

17 Years Old

18 Years Old

Men’s Teen Bench Press: 1st place

2010 OCB Presidential Cup

2011 OCB Eastern Regional

Men's Open LW: 1st Place

2013 OCB NY State Natural


Age: 23

Weight: 165lbs

Height: 5'7"

Competitor status: IFPA pro


21 Years Old

19 Years Old

2010 OCB Eastern Regional

2010 ADAU Raw Powerlifting Meet

Men's Open LW: 1st place
Men's Junior: 1st place
Overall Pro Card

2013 OCB Charm City Classic:

Competition History

Biography and Background

Men’s Bantamweight: 2nd place
Men’s Junior: 4th place

2013 NPC Shawn Ray Classic

Men’s Open LW: 1st place

Competition Videos

Men’s Physique: 2nd place

Men’s Teen: 1st place
Men’s Junior: 1st