What is online personal training?

Online personal training is the continuous version of the fitness plan. This program, however, will be updated monthly with new workouts and nutritional guidance. I will be in contact daily to ensure you are meeting your goals!

Who is it for?

Online personal training is for anyone who needs someone to push them on a daily basis. This program is also for someone who is trying to make a serious change in their lifestyle. An individual who has a sporting event coming up (ex. a 5k), or a deadline of some sort will benefit from this program more so than a regular fitness plan.

What is a fitness plan?

This is a 12 week plan specific to your age, weight, goals, schedule, and anything else you feel will better help your fitness desires. This plan comes with a workout split, a cardio exercise plan, nutritional guidance, and anything else you request.

Who is it for?

Fitness plans are for anyone who wants a guide to a healthier lifestyle, but do not necessarily need continuous assistance to reach their goals.  

"Hey man. Checking in with an update. Lost 15 pounds in 30 days"


" I lost 3lbs last week btw.. and made new personal lifting records. Just wanted to let you know  i'm happy with how its going so far :) "

Fitness Plan

Online Training

"Honestly, I've looked the best I ever have while cutting. I've Kept good size and I'm seeing cuts and veins I've never seen before."

" Feeling a lot better! The meal plans are working great! I can tell a difference already! "